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Q: What does it cost to use the OCR Data Service for ownership and control reporting?

A: Reporting Firms interested in using the OCR Data Service for their ownership and control reporting should contact FIA Tech for information about becoming a Participant and the fees involved. Clients may maintain owner and controller data in the system for use by Reporting Firms at no charge.

Q: Once a Reporting Firm is established as a Participant, how long does it take to set up Profiles and Accounts before compliance reporting can begin?

A: Reporting can begin immediately once the first Accounts are entered and Profiles are associated with the Accounts to provide the ownership and control information that will be reported. Setting up a large number of Accounts and verifying the completeness and correctness of the data may require one-two months. FIA Tech provides notifications to Reporting Firms of incomplete Accounts, which aids the Reporting Firms in optimizing the quality of their data and reduces the time needed to identify Accounts and Profiles that may require additional information.

Q:  What are the system requirements for the OCR Data Service?

A: The OCR User Portal is a web-based application optimized for Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Chrome 20 and higher, Firefox 25 and higher, and Safari 7 and higher.

Q: How does a Reporting Firm establish an OCR Data Service Administrator?

A: Once a Reporting Firm has been established as a Participant within the OCR Data Service, FIA Tech will set up access for one Administrator to serve as the main operational point of contact for the firm. After the Administrator has been established, the Reporting Firm may establish additional Administrators if needed.

Q: How many Reporting Firm Users can be granted access to the OCR Data Service to manage the firm’s Accounts?

A: Reporting Firms may establish any number of Reporting Firm Users to establish and maintain account information and, if needed, manually initiate compliance reporting.

Q: What measures has FIA Tech taken to ensure that data stored within the OCR Data Service is secure and recoverable?

A: Data stored within the OCR Data Service is maintained and backed up in data centers with high security standards and regularly validated and verified control dimensions. The security of the data is additionally verified by SSAE16 audits. In addition, remote sites used by the data centers for disaster recovery purposes are required to conform to the production data centers’ security requirements.





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