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Product Documentation

For more information on current functionality please view the guides below:

  • EGUS Guide to Electronic Rate Schedules: This guide provides information on representing rate schedules in an electronic format on the EGUS platform.

  • EGUS Product Abbreviation and Acronym Guide: The purpose of this document is to provide information regarding EGUS product terminology, including abbreviations, acronyms, and the underlying structure of the product groups. 

  • EGUS 3.5 Release Notes: With the release of EGUS 3.5, Electronic Rates (eRates) are mandatory on all new standard give-up agreements. The majority of the changes in this release either directly serve or support this change.

  • EGUS 3.5 Waiver Guide: This guide provides information on the waiver application workflow available in the EGUS platform. 

  • The EGUS Rate Schedule and Agreement Details API documents provide a guide to firms for integrating EGUS data feeds into their systems (based on permissions assigned to those firms by FIA Tech).
  • Updates - Q2 2017

EGUS Product Normalization Project Documentation:

FIA Tech has undertaken a project to normalize its product data that is used on electronic rates schedules in EGUS.  This webpage contains information about this project, and documentation of the updates that FIA Tech is making.

PDF Rate Schedule Digitization Initiative:

The purpose of the digitization initiative is to help firms create a centralized rate schedule repository in EGUS in order to improve and strengthen downstream brokerage settlement systems.  This page includes information about the project and contact information.


To obtain a User ID and password to access the API on UAT or Production please contact





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