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FIA Tech Atlantis Overview

FIA Tech presented the Atlantis Overview to firms on 8/19/2016.  This webinar covered:

  • Key Functionality
  • Restrictions
  • Project Timeline
  • End Of Day Reports
  • Testing and Support

Additional Documentation:



End of Day Reports

FIA Tech presented a webinar on End of Day Reports that will be available in Atlantis to firms on 10/28/2016. This webinar covered:

  • Atlantis generates three End-of-Day files
    • Trades CSV
    • Settlements (Payment) CSV
    • Daily Digest XML (only available via SFTP)
  • Connectivity
    • SFTP - automated download
    • Web User Interface - Manual download

Additional Documentation:


Atlantis API

FIA Tech presented the Atlantis API functionality to firms on 11/18/2016. This webinar covered:

  • Message specification

  • Technical requirements

  • Workflows

Additional Documentation:



Trade Summary View and Excel Upload

FIA Tech presented the Trade Summary View and Excel Upload to firms on 12/15/2016. This webinar covered the following features:

  • Summary View – Demonstration of trade aggregation, filtering, sorting and actions

  • Excel Download/Upload – Review Excel functionality and attributes

Additional Documentation:



Atlantis Fee Calculation 

FIA Tech presented a Fee Calculation Webinar to firms on 1/13/2017.  This webinar covered:

  • Atlantis calculation methods
  • Agreement-to-trade match criteria and prioritization of agreement types
  • Rate prioritization within a rate schedule
  • Calculation differences from existing system
  • Trade Comparison report (match and mismatch reports)

Additional Documentation:



Atlantis Firm Testing Webinar

FIA Tech presented the Atlantis Firm Testing Webinar to firms on 1/18/2017. This webinar covered:

  • Introduction to Atlantis Testing
  • Three Test Cycles
  • Test Plan and Execution
  • Exception Tracking/ Bug Reporting
  • Atlantis Test Groups

Additional Documentation:



Test Cycle #1 –Settlement Cycle Workflow

FIA Tech presented a webinar on Test Cycle #1 functionality to firms on 1/20/2017. This webinar covered:

  • Receiver (XB) and Payer (CB) Actions
  • Trade Fee Review Lifecycle
  • Settlement Calendar for Test Cycle 1
  • Test Cycle # 1 Demo
    1. Payers
    2. Receivers
    3. EOD Reports Download
  • Testing Timeline Confirmation 

Additional Documentation:




Atlantis Test Cycle #2 – Excel Upload and Download

FIA Tech presented the Test Cycle #2 Webinar to firms on 2/10/2017. This webinar covered:

  • Test Cycle #2 Settlement Calendar
  • Test Cycle #2 Scope
  • Receiver (XB) and Payer (CB) Actions
  • Trade Fee Review Lifecycle
  • Trade Fee Amendments -aka- Receiver “Amend”
  • Excel Upload & Download Feature
  • Timeline Confirmation / Q&A


Additional Documentation:






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